Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary

Eaglenest Wildlife Sancturay is 25 kms from Tenga Valley.It is a beautiful dense forest discovered with 545 species of birds and other mammals include Elephant, Wild dog, Serow, Capped Langur, Linsang, Red Panda, Slow Loris, Clouded Leopard, Golden Cat and Gaur. The recently discovered Arunachal macaque is found in Eaglenest Wildlife Santuary. 250 species of butterflies have been reported from Eaglenest and the best month for butterfly watching are April-June and September-October.

Lama Camp

( Singchung Bugun Community Reserved Forest )

Lama camp is 18 kms from Tenga Valley,situated in Bugun community forest land at an elevation of 2500 m ASL and dates back to the year 1959 when His Holiness The Dalai Lama stayed at this spot during his journey from Tibet to India. On a clear day, the visitors can get spectacular views of the snow-capped Gori Chen range in Tibet. Bugun Liocichla bird species named after Bugun community is found around Lama Camp. The species bird Bugun Liocichla got extinct in 1950 and found again on 2006 by the scientist.

Rose Garden

Rose Garden is 6 kms from Tenga Valley.

Apple & Kiwi Orchard

Apple & Kiwi Orchards are 9 kms from Tenga Valley.

Chillipam Monastery

Chillipam Monastery is 22 kms from Tenga Valley via Rupa which is surrounded by beautiful mountains and gives the landscape that looks like Lotus flower.


Mandala is approximately 3 – 4 hours from Tenga Valley .It is a heavily forested area at an high altitude with ” No Man land “. The area is explored by wild beautiful flowers by one side and on the other side land with landscape snow fall.


Bomdila is 22 kms from Tenga Valley, a beautiful place situated at a height of about 8000 ft above the sea level where visitors can see the stunning landscape and snow clad mountains of the Himalayan Range. The Buddhist monastery of Bomdila is the repository and is among primary attractions of the area.


Tawang is 195 kms from Tenga Valley which is situated at an elevation of approximately 10,000 ft in the northwestern part of Arunachal Pradesh. Tawang was historically part of Tibet inhabited by the Monpa tribe and Tawang Monastery was founded by The Mera Lama Lodre Gyatso in accordance to the wishes of The 5th Dalai Lama. Tawang holds you light with its unparalleled beauty and marvel gift of nature.